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  • This website comes to you via the servers of pair Networks in Pittsburgh, PA.  Since we bagan in 1998 we’ve had excellent webhosting service from Pair Networks and the sister domain registry Pair NIC.
  • To ensure the lowest possible bandwidth use, the fastest load times, and maximum efficiency this entire website and those of our clients are coded in pure HTML using Microsoft WordPad.
  • All website graphics we create are made using Corel/JASC Paint Shop Pro.
  • To enhance the navigation functionality of our and our client's websites we make use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Java Applets, and JavaScript.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is used to enhance the appearance of certain online documents.
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Please make sure you have enabled JavaScript on your browser.  If descriptions appear under the navigation buttons at the top of this page, JavaScript is enabled.

Navigating websites we have designed:  Each webpage includes a navigation or button bar allowing you to jump to any subpage on the website.  Clicking on the main logo at the top of any page will return you to the Main page.

If you have difficulty with any aspect of this website, please help us out by sending us feedback about this website.

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