Website Pricing   Single page
Two or
more pages

Website Design Fees Internet Service Provider (ISP) fees not included.   $350 $350 plus Additional
Web page charges

Additional Web pages
            2nd to 9th additional page
            10th and beyond additional pages
$100 per page
  $90 per page

Completion Time   1 week 2 to 3 additional weeks

Email/Phone Consultation
(Up to 2 hours Web design and marketing consultation; long distance telephone charges are additional).
  Yes Yes

Publishing of Web pages to your ISP's server.   Yes Yes

Site Publicity to major Internet search engines and directories.   Yes (Quarterly) Yes (Quarterly)

Updates and Changes to existing Web pages for first 30 days (up to two hours per page).  Additional changes billed at $50.00 per hour.   Yes Yes

Masthead Graphic on first page (custom graphic incorporating company logo).   Yes Yes

Top-of-Page Graphic for all other pages in your Website.   N/A Yes

Photos and other misc. graphic images (suggested maximum, in addition to masthead and top-of-page graphic; color originals larger than 8" x 10" are extra).   3 Average 4 per page

Text (suggested maximum number of words; more allowable if supplied on diskette).   250 Average 200 per page

Links to external pages (suggested maximum).   Yes (5) Average 3 per page

Email Response Link on each Web page to any Email address you designate.   Yes Yes

Feedback Form (Using FormMail CGI; up to 20 fields allowed).   No Yes

Graphic Image Map for internal site navigation.   Yes Yes

Domain Mailbox* redirected to an external address.  One email address.   Yes (1) Yes (1)

Website Maintenance can be contracted for ongoing updating of existing website pages.  Prices vary for this service depending on the number of pages involved, the extent of the re-ocurring updates, and the frequency of the updates.  Please inquire.   Yes Yes

Other Services and Fees
  • Additional Web page design: $50/hour.
  • Additional Scanned graphics: $5 each; original size over 8" x 10": $10 each.
  • Additional forms: $50 per form (up to 20 fields allowed) plus any additional page costs.
  • *Domain Name ( setup fee: $35. for a .COM, .NET, or .ORG domain.
    You will be billed a separate Domain Name Registration Fee by the Registrar.
Information as of December 2011.  All information is subject to change.

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