Services is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP).  The fact that you're viewing this page means you probably already have an ISP.

What does is provide professional website creation, publishing, promoting,
and maintenance for business and special interest customers.

Website Design and Creation
This is where really shines.  Every element of every website we create is designed specifically to give your customers a visually satisfying and intuitively easy browsing experience that will keep them coming back to your site and have them telling others about you.  We invite you to visit the websites we have already designed and published (see our Clients page) to see the broad spectrum of our content, design, and layout abilities.

When we design your website, we consider you, your product or service, your competition, and your customers.

  • We design websites to be visually clean not filled with unnecessary “eye candy.”
  • We avoid unnecessary “bells and whistles” that slow down a website and drive potential customers away.
  • In close coordination with you, we include what we have found to be most appropriate for a successful website.
  • Please read and print out our Website Planning Worksheet.

Domain Registration
With today's browsers it's no longer necessary to type “”.  More often than not, just “Yourname” will get you where you want to go.  For that reason, having a Domain Name that brings customers to your website has become more important than ever.  Certain rules must be followed when you're deciding on a Domain Name.  We know those rules and can work with you to develop a Domain Name that not only reflects your business but also will be intuitive to your potential customers.

Website Publishing
After your website has been designed and built, the next step is publication or uploading to a website host. provides you with two ways to do this:

  • The first way ties into our choice of “Attach2” as our own Domain Name.  We will host your website as a “directory account” with what is known as a “vanity name” such as “”.  This can be shortened to “attach2/yourname” to make it even easier for customers to connect to your website.  If you opt to register a unique Domain Name for your website, you are still welcome to reside as a subweb to but use your own registered website Domain Name when promoting your website on your stationery or other printed materials.
  • A second method available if you opt to register a unique Domain Name for your website is to arrange for a separate website used only by yourself on one of the servers where we are hosted we think they're the best in the business or one of your own choosing.  We can make these arrangements for you.

Website Promotion
Perhaps your new website has already been built and published, but the “visitor” counter isn't incrementing the way you feel it should.  The saying “If you build it they will come” couldn't be further from the truth in the case of the Web.  With the sheer number of websites already on-line and coming on-line daily, it's vitally important that the word gets out correctly that your website is up and running. has the experience to spread the word in such a way that your website will quickly climb in ranking in the search engines and stay there.  We will also work with you on how you can best promote your website through your own efforts.

Website Maintenance
As your business changes from month to month, so should your website.  Keeping your latest services and products in the eye of the consumer takes a lot of time and effort.  At we recognize this from our own experience and would like to shoulder some of that burden for you.  We can provide very economical Website Maintenance services.

Website Re-Design
Let's face it.  Your business isn't standing still and neither is the Web.  What may have been a “cool” website in 2015 or even last year may be sadly out of date by today's standards.  A website that doesn't get an overhaul at least annually gives the impression of a company that is stagnant and/or just not keeping up with the times.  We at spend a lot of time continuing our education by exploring the Web to see what the current trends are.  Let us share with you the insights we've gained.

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