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Arrow-white Customer Profile: All Energy Contracting

Posted by Jacob Hart

Mar 06, 2023

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All Energy Contracting is one of the most experienced trenching and cable-laying suppliers in Australia. With specialist expertise in all aspects of cable installation – including trenching, cable laying, backfilling and HV connections, they have become especially sought after in large-scale solar power and wind farm construction projects.

To remain at the forefront, the company prides itself on having deep experience and being up to date with the latest technologies across industry-leading developments.


They apply their knowledge using innovation and creativity to simplify complex problems and deliver smart and efficient solutions that look to minimalise environmental impacts.

The company’s drive and ambition have seen them lay thousands of kilometres of oil and gas pipelines as well as provide a diverse range of services within the sustainable power and civil construction sectors.

As one might expect from a company delivering energy efficient solutions, AEC likes to work efficiently delivering on time and on budget for customers.

To do this they need to partner with relatable businesses that are client-focused, results-driven, and have the same sense of urgency for customer outcomes.

Greg Douglas is the AEC Machinery and Plant Operator responsible for delivering the installation of underground cabling on a solar farm project site in New South Wales.

All Energy Contracting - Greg Douglas

He uses an assortment of Attach2 buckets perfect for trenching, backfilling, and site preparation including A2 mud, digging and trench buckets that can easily be rotated out using the A2 Sure-Grip Coupler.

Having the right tools and equipment matters to Greg as he wants to do earthwork jobs efficiently and to the project plan. Weather plays a big part at most of his work sites. Conditions can be hot and dry but also wet and muddy.

Greg relies on his equipment to work no matter the conditions and finds his A2 attachments hold up very nicely.

“I feel confident using A2 equipment out in the field as the reliability and the variety gives great confidence in using them to get the job done.

All Energy Contracting - Attach2 buckets

“Challenges on this project have primarily been weather related. We’ve got wet conditions, working through the mud to achieve our goals. The primary jobs with All Energy Contracting are trenching, backfilling, compaction, and tidying the site, with the end result to deliver clean, green energy to the power grids.

“In our business, we use a variety of A2 equipment including a range of buckets. The benefit of having an A2 package like this is the large range of equipment that works with the machinery. It’s all easy to detach and attach to the machines and it’s very strong and robust.”

The durability and quality of the Attach2 products are something that Greg has noticed, especially in relation to other pieces of equipment he has used in the past from alternative providers.

“Compared to other products I have used; I find that the teeth and blades on A2 buckets are very strong and durable.”

If there ever is a problem, concern, or question it’s reassuring to know that help is only a short phone call away. “I’ve always found the A2 After Sales Team easy to contact and very helpful,” says Greg.

All Energy Contracting - Attach2 bucket

Knowing that delivering on time is important for his own clients, he doesn’t hesitate in his praise for the timeliness of A2’s ability to deliver and the suitability of their products in general. “Whenever we have needed new products, they supply on time and when they say they are going to,” affirms Greg.

With years spent on excavators exposed to different brands, Greg feels assured that Attach2 won’t be leaving his worksites any time soon. With surety, he concludes “I would recommend A2 products to other people that are considering purchasing equipment. This is because of the
reliability of the product and the helpful after-sales support.”

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