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Jun 07, 2020

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Carterton, a small town in the Wairarapa boasts some superb views of the Tararua’s, which is where JPS Earthmoving’s latest Demolition job has taken them. An old 1950’s era gas station that has lain dormant for the last few years until a local supermarket purchased the land to make way for additional car parking.


Demolishing the old service station provided some challenges to James Sokalski, owner JPS Earthmoving. The site plan provided by the council was out of date and did not account for additions and changes made over the years, particularly the possible inclusion of a waste oil collection container underground that needed to be found if there was one. Additionally, before pulling it down, an external company specialising in the removal asbestos required to make the site safe and confirm there were no outstanding hazardous materials on site.

James says “The preparation of the site was the longest part, from the time we set up the site to the completion of the job was just 4 days. We dropped the buildings in just 4 hours on a Saturday morning.”

“Taking the buildings down was quick, we worked through the site, and I sorted the material as I went, saving time later when the trucks came to collect it. They weren’t heavily constructed buildings, so the 16 with an A2 grab bucket made quick work of it.”

“We probably removed over 100 tonnes of material from the site, 14 of those truckloads was concrete that’s going to be recycled and reused, which is over half of the material removed.”

James has been using Attach2 gear since he started in the industry and has a considerable selection of attachments to complete any number of jobs, including a unique ‘‘Winch Bucket’’.

“The Tilt Buckets and Grab Buckets are my favourite, there’s just nothing as good that I’ve used.”

“We already had a 5 tonne A2 Grab, and I’ve been wanting to get a 20 tonne one for the larger jobs we do, getting this job meant I had a good reason to, and its paid for itself already.”

Grabs Demolition

Simon joined the Attach2 team in 2018 and is well known for pointing a big camera around in addition to typing, lots of typing. He has a varied background in construction and management and is passionate about using his experiences to see businesses succeed through excellent visual and text-based communications. And yes Simon wrote this in 3rd person about himself."

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