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Oct 20, 2021

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Geometry is one of the often-overlooked topics when it comes to choosing Excavator buckets. Unfortunately for those who overlook this, it’s actually quite critical to how an excavator will perform.

If you were to drag two objects through any kind of dirt, the object with the least amount of surface contact will move through much easier than the one with the most surface contact area. One could say the object with the least surface area moved through the dirt more smoothly.

These are the basics of bucket design. Using a bucket that has much less surface contact with the ground will result in smoother operation. The Mk3 Wide Bucket is a perfect example of how geometry leads to a smoother operation.

Specifically, this bucket utilizes a Double Taper. This is where the top of the bucket is more narrow than the bottom floor, and the back of the bucket is more narrow than the bucket opening.



The Double Taper:

  • Decreases contact area with the ground when digging
  • Allows operators to cut closer to objects they don’t want to disturb
  • Prevents the sides from rubbing when cutting at full tilt or when cutting on an angle

The double taper creates a bucket where the cutting edge is longer than the throat, this allows operators to more accurately cut closer to things like power cables, piping, or posts with reduced risk of error. 

The tapered sides of the bucket allow operators to cut at full tilt (often 90°) without rubbing on the ground. This gives operators freedom with the cutting edge, where square or non-tapered bucket operators would have to reposition to cut to the desired spec.

Who wouldn’t want a smoother bucket that makes operating easy?! 

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