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Arrow-white How to easily attach and detach QRC hydraulic hoses

Posted by Jacob Hart

Sep 01, 2020

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One of the most common frustrations in using excavator attachments is attaching and detaching hydraulic QRC's (Quick Release Coupler) to auxiliaries to power the attachment. As a manufacturer of excavator attachments, we get asked a lot about this.

And the pain is real; oily couplers that don't fit together and a face smeared in hydraulic oil to cool the temper! We've been there.

Operators are resigned to banging the end of QRC to release the oil pressure but in the process, end up damaging the QRC's and spilling hydraulic oil on themselves and the ground.

It doesn't need to be like this; when there is extra pressure built-up in the excavator's hydraulic lines' there is a simple process to release the oil pressure and make detaching and attaching the new attachment that much easier.

These 5 steps work for the majority of excavator brands with a typical hydraulic configuration.

5 Quick and Easy steps to attach and detach your QRC's

1. Turn off the excavator.

2. Turn the excavator ignition to on, but don't start the engine.

3. Disengage the safety levers (So the controls are operational).

4. Activate the auxiliary lines you are going to be changing (even though the engine is not running the valve bank will open the lines releasing the pressure).

5. You can now easily detach or attach the QRC's to the auxiliary lines for the attachment you are changing.

Extra Tip: Relieve the hydraulic pressure in your attachments as well before you disconnect them using the same steps as above. That way, they will not be under pressure when you go to use them again.

Still, having issues?

Machines can differ between makes and models, and there may be different ways to open the valve bank without repressurising the lines on some brands. We advise you reach out to your dealer to ask them if you are having issues, they know your excavator inside out!

For hydraulic attachment issues, feel free to contact us, we're here to help.

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