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Arrow-white Opinion Piece: Why do kids love earthmoving equipment?

Posted by Nick Roche

May 27, 2024

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How could we retain it? 

We were once having a chat with a marketing expert who actually made a great statement about people in the industry “kids love diggers and dinosaurs and that passion remains in them as they grow up”. I’m not 100% on the dinosaurs part, but 100% agree on the diggers and earthmoving side of it. After doing some research, this is what I found!  

If you’ve watched kids at a sandbox, you’ve likely witnessed intense battles over construction toys, especially diggers. Children are captivated by these excavators, whether it’s their strength, ability to dig through anything, or simply the joy of filling buckets with sand. Diggers are universally loved by kids, and what your child’s fascination with them reveals about their minds.  

Apparently, it was believed that playing with construction trucks and diggers was mainly for boys. Studies suggest that this preference may be more influenced by parental ideas. This is significant because children’s fascination with diggers indicates a desire to enhance spatial and mathematical problem-solving skills. Diggers, by their nature, is creating significant improvements to humanity just by the projects they undertake and challenging young minds.  

Consider the function of diggers. To children, they embody possibility and strength. These machines navigate tough materials daily, showcasing impressive engineering and physics. Kids grapple with the concept of a small cabin controlling an attachment effectively which is a testament to their cognitive engagement. Educators value this ability to manifest in a visual metaphor. Little ones love big trucks like diggers because to a preschooler, those trucks seem larger than life, they are real machines that do the work of superheroes. Diggers, bulldozers and cranes stimulate their imaginations and allow them to picture themselves controlling something big and powerful.”  

A Parenting Science website explained that this fascination with construction and engineering is beneficial throughout children’s lives, noting that if we “want kids to develop an intuitive grasp of mechanical forces — like the forces of tension and compression — construction play offers excellent learning opportunities.” Diggers are all about balance and discovery. That aspect of balance helps kids intuit the issue of a body’s centre of gravity far better than their own toddling legs and bodies have served them so far.  

This obsession with diggers is so strong, that it’s not limited to what children can see and experience out in the world. Popular shows like Bob The Builder feature the large construction vehicles.  

There is so much going on in your kids’ brains as they interact with diggers that it’s no wonder they’re so obsessed.   

Does the interest last? According to a psychologist, only 20% of children continue with their interests for more than 3 years.  The reason is that children are often so busy with schoolwork that they lose time for their interest, and their passion for it melts away.  

There is a lot of good work going on in the industry to reignite the “inner child” to attract people into this much needed construction space! Our channel for this is with “Attachments for Champions”! if you want stickers for your Ute, Pickup, Truck, Digger, let us know and we will get them to you! 


- Gem Hart

Attach2 CEO

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