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Arrow-white Customer Profile: Randalls Equipment

Posted by Jacob Hart

Mar 07, 2023

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At the top of the list of values at Randalls Forestry Equipment is one that any customer would be reassured to see: Customer First – We always put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and act with urgency. It’s he or she that pays our wages. It’s a clear acknowledgment of what the company holds dearest. It’s also a value that holds weight at Attach2.


The company is built upon five foundational values, two of which are Passion for Customers and Sense of Urgency.

Little wonder then that Randalls and Attach2 have discovered a mutual attraction in one another. With Attach2 growing its presence in Australia and widening the availability of core product lines (from Couplers to Buckets, Rippers, and Grabs), there’s a lot to value about the blossoming partnership between the companies.

But how did it start and what does Randalls find attractive in A2 Attachments? Like any relationship whether it’s B2C or B2B, it starts with an ability to meet a customer’s needs.

Randalls Equipment

“When I first started here, we didn’t know which companies to go to for [Attachments]. One of the biggest reasons we chose to deal with A2 is the effectiveness of the product at the price that it is, with the minimal amount of time it takes to get to Tasmania,” says Tim Paton, the Sales Representative for Randalls Equipment in Tasmania.

Tim knows quite a bit about forestry and what loggers are wanting. Randalls Forestry Equipment has been manufacturing and distributing Forestry Excavators, Equipment, and Attachments to the forestry industry in Australia since 1968. It’s the primary industry that the company serves.

In recent years the company has gone through massive growth and transformed itself to offer distribution and services throughout Australia for brands such as Sany Excavators, Clark Tracks, Cranab, Prentice, and Ponsee.

It has branches spread across Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania and has service agents based in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, and New Zealand.

What sets Randalls apart from the competition is its focus on being a one-stop shop for customers.

“Someone could turn up any day whenever they required with minimal notice [and Randalls would look to] keep the customer operating at 100% percent,” says Tim.

Attach2 is part of the customer solution and have an important role to play in helping Randalls provide successful packages to customers. “It’s fantastic to be working with such a reputable company to really boost the popularity of our products through their exceptional designs,” he continues.

Randalls Equipmdnt and Attach2 Heli-Tilt

“We had a few companies that we went to [early on] that turned out to be terrible. Attach2 is the first attachment company that we turned to that didn’t let us down and they’ve produced some fantastic equipment.” The end result? “We’ve been dealing with them ever since.”

Randalls has recently become the dealership for Sany Excavators. Fairly new to Australia - especially in Tasmania – Randalls have found having Attach2 on the machines has boosted their popularity and discovered that the A2 designs hold great appeal to their customers.

A relationship between Randalls and Attach2 that initially started through shared values is increasingly becoming a synergy, with mutual attraction on both sides.
“With A2, we predominantly focused on their quick hitches, tilt rams and the barrel tilt-style (Heli-Tilt) hitches. Their tolerances are really great. They’re exceptional at getting them out to us quickly and efficiently, and they’re really easy to fit up to the machines,” says Tim. “We’ve purchased a few of their grapple buckets and found them to be pretty neat too.”

“The pricing of the equipment is achievable and the quality is exceptional, and the support is fantastic,” he quickly adds.

Randalls Equipment Heli-Tilt

Not everything is peachy keen all the time, and it’s when things don’t go to plan that Randalls notice the alignment with their own values and see first-hand the commitment from Attach2 to put things right. Where problems do arise, Attach2 After Sales Support quickly swings into action to rectify and resolve any issues.

“There have been a few hitches that we received that weren’t quite 100% up to specification, but Attach2 was fantastic at dealing with that - within hours to days to get that sorted. The owners probably didn’t even realize that there was an issue before the machines were operating at 100%.”

“I’d certainly recommend Attach2 products to anyone that was looking to put an Attachment on their excavator. As far as the quality and performance go, you really couldn’t ask for more.”

Demand for Attach2 Attachments has grown rapidly in Australia and the company is responding by developing new product lines specifically for the Australian market.

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