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Arrow-white 'It saves us time and saves us money' - meet excavator operator Andrew Parrot

Posted by Jacob Hart

May 12, 2021

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Experienced excavator operator Andrew Parrot chooses Heli-Tilt equipped excavators to get the job done. We caught up with Andrew on-site in Mount Barker, South Australia to ask why he uses the Heli-Tilt and how it saves him time and money. 


Andrew is currently operating for civil construction company LR&M. The team at LR&M are excavating 98 subdivision blocks as part of Stage 5B of the landmark residential development 'Bluestone Estate' on the outskirts of Mount Barker. 

Andrew describes the Heli-Tilt, as used on a KX080, as “fantastic”.

“I’ve been in the game probably 20 years, about 22 years and the attachment is probably one of the fastest I’ve used,” Andrew says.

Andrew Parrot - Excavator Operator

“Using the Attach2 hitch, you can easily save an hour a day. Easily.

“It’s really versatile, and offers minute movements, with no power takeaway. And also, I can stay in the one positionI can still set myself up, be comfortable, and then just move my hips to where I need to go.

“I can just do tiny little movements, and keep moving the boom, and keep shaping what I need to shape, all by sitting in the one spot.”

Tilting Quick Hitch fitted to Kubota KX080 Excavator

Andrew says the beauty of the Heli-Tilt is that it really is a ‘set and forget’ piece of equipment, providing fast and safe attachment coupling, leaving time for the more important things.

“Depending on what you’re doing, sometimes you’d have to change attachments multiple times a day,” he says.

“And with this, I’ve got a quick hitch, we’ve all got quick hitches on our gear… the quick hitch saves us time and saves us money. It also keeps our clients happy and the boss happy.” 

Heli-Tilt quick hitch shaping a bank

Other than meeting client expectations and keeping the all-important boss happy, Andrew says the Heli-Tilt— built for performance—has revolutionised the way he works.

“I don’t have to move any hoses, it’s ready to go in the morning, two grease points, boom, and away you go,” he says.

“Honestly, there’s so many features on it that other tilt hitches don’t have. It’s that easy to look after, there’s nothing that I would change about the Heli-Tilt.”

Andrew says the Heli-Tilt’s ease of use is one of its greatest assets, in that, not only does it save time in the field, but also takes the pressure off the body, reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

According to the Australian Industry of Health and Welfare, in 2017-18, labourers had the highest incident rate of claims for workplace injuries, of all occupation groups.

With the Mount Barker excavation project now in the final stages, the efficiency of the Heli-Tilt will be key to getting the project completed on time. 


We’re proud to be the preferred equipment providers for experienced excavator operators like Andrew — saving operators time and money and reducing the risk of workplace injuries. Meet more of our customers and find out what they say about our equipment here →. Better yet, see how good it is for yourself, here →.

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