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Deciding to Hire

Planning the Role

Advertising the Role

The Selection and Hiring Process

Choosing a Candidate to Hire

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Hose Headaches

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Drainways Ltd Case Study! - Ideally Attach2 Tilt Motor Couplers!

What does the customer really want?

Great team work ensures orders are dispatched in time for X-mas!

[VIDEO] "Good bunch of Guys" - Justin Sinton - White Ridge Contracting

[VIDEO] Attach2 Auckland Regional Excavator Competition - Big Boys Toys 2017

HG Group Core Values Award

Continuous Improvement in Attach2

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 44

[VIDEO] "I swear by it" - Shane Berkett - Berkett Earthmovers

Great site clean-up solution!

[VIDEO] "An essential tool" - Ian Butcher, Central Demolition Ltd

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[VIDEO] "speeds up our production" - Gavin Beswick, Berkett Earthmovers

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 35

[VIDEO] "They've made it easy!" - Symon Klemra, Rockworks

#Attach2FlashbackFriday - Week 34

Why is it important to have a new fleet?

[VIDEO] "Makes life a lot easier" - C&R Developments Ltd

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Join our Photo Competition!

[VIDEO] "Attach2 Offer the Complete Solution"

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Why having a clear top on a Tilt Bucket is important?

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[VIDEO] "The Strongest tilt bucket I've used" - 2x NZ Excavator Champ

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We take a kindy tour through our factory!

Diggers have taken over from Bulldozers - are they here to stay?

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Ribs - To have or not to have?

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Track Guards - Why should I use them?

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Why Attach2 make their buckets from HARDOX 450

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Simple tricks to deal with sticky soil on construction sites

A2 Spade Bucket to handle the 'stickiest' soil

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‘Grab a Sausage’ at the Attach2 C4 Booth at The Expo in March

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8 Biggest Causes of Construction Downtime that Can Be Prevented

Elite Tilt Bucket performs at Demo Day!

Health and Safety at Attach2 is like a Breath of Fresh Air

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