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Arrow-white 50 Years of Contracting, 10 Years of Attach2


Jun 24, 2020

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We're celebrating our 10-year journey. Starting out in the shed of Hiremax as La Rippa back in 2004, we've grown to become one of NZ's leading tier 1 suppliers.

We want to share our story starting all the way back in 1960, where our dirt moving obsession was ignited. Although we didn't start building attachments then, it established our long history of shifting earth here in New Zealand just like you.


50 years of Contracting - 10 Years of Attach2 - History Infographic Attach2 2010 to 2020 stats

Infographic by: Alana Mays, Written by: Simon Johnston, With thanks: Joe Hart, Gem Hart

Attach2 Insider

Simon joined the Attach2 team in 2018 and is well known for pointing a big camera around in addition to typing, lots of typing. He has a varied background in construction and management and is passionate about using his experiences to see businesses succeed through excellent visual and text-based communications. And yes Simon wrote this in 3rd person about himself."

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