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Arrow-white Attach2 at the 2019 National Excavator Operator Competition


Mar 20, 2019

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Warm and humid this years NEOC was just as hotly contested. With the regional winners each vying for the title of NZ's top operator.

2019 National Excavator Operator Awards-Riki Lum 1st Web

This year Riki Lum of Clements Contractors from Kiripaka in Whangarei took both the NEOC and One-Day Job titles. An awesome effort considering that the NEOC rewards fine control and excavator ability and the One-Day Job a technical challenge to plan, prepare and execute a mock job from start to finish, including pricing, H & S and quantifying.


2019 National Excavator Operator Awards- Jason Toomer-Reti good bastard Web

The 'Good Bastard' award went to Jason Toomer-Reti of ICB Retaining and Construction from Auckland showing a lot of heart in both the competition and out in about in the CCNZ zone.


2019 National Excavator Operator Awards- Jim Beamsley 2nd Web

Jim Beamsley of Central Demolition from Palmerston North took second place with Judges commenting on an out-standing and smooth technique.


2019 National Excavator Operator Awards- Josh Keane 3rd Web

Josh Keane of Southroads Limited from Otago took third place with a solid all-around performance across the challenges.

Attach2 Gear


Attach2 All in One bucket on Hitachi 55u

Making it's second competition appearance was the new All in One bucket. We talked to some of the competitors about their experience using it on the 5 Tonne machine. Feedback was positive with comments on it's excellent grab capabilities and familiar feel.


Attach2 Excavator Attachments

There was plenty of A2 gear at this year's competition, with each used for different events and skill tests.


Attach2 Multi Grab Bucket Mk3

A stalwart of the regional and the national excavator competitions the A2 Multi Grab Bucket was in heavy use across the varied competition events. Picking up and moving logs, painting '130' on the excavator canvas, pouring a cup of tea, flattening trenches and piles with its flat bottom.

Hitachi Zaxis 130 with Attach2 Elite Tilt Bucket

Ideal for bulking out large trenches in soft dirt the A2 Elite Tilt Bucket was used for the digging and trenching activities requiring a V trench with a flat bottom. With a double radius curve and tapered sides cutting the ground couldn't of been cleaner and faster.

Hitachi excavator with a2lock twin ram coupler

Even the A2Lock Ram Tilt Quick Coupler saw some unique use during the competition, with operators required to lift Humes Pipes onto the back of Hirepool truck using its lifting points. Then picking up the A2 wide bucket to fill it.


Attach2 is a proud sponsor of the CCNZ National and Regional Excavator Operator Competitions. Find out more about the Attachments in use at this years competition:

All in One Bucket
Multi Grab Bucket Mk3 #TheRealThing
Elite Tilt Bucket
A2Lock Twin Ram Tilt Coupler 
Wide Bucket

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