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Arrow-white Customer Profile: Landforming Australia

Posted by Jacob Hart

Oct 26, 2022

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With Great Suppliers, You Can Do Great Things.

Many contractors might think the quality of their work starts the minute their excavators’ power up and their attachments swing to work. But the top guys know it’s about much more than this. Sure, work might start with that attachment hitting the ground, but the journey to that point is making sure you’re working with quality suppliers and products that are right for your business.

On the fringe outskirts of central Melbourne, Australia, one hard grafting earth-moving company has been finding huge satisfaction with Attach2 products. So great is their praise for the Ram-Tilt that the company has gone from quietly lauding the product to making it their go-to excavator hitch. What’s so special about the hitch and what’s prompted such high praise from one of Australia’s fast-growing civil earthworks companies?

Landforming Australia prides itself on being built upon strong relationships of trust. For Director Tristan Storey, it’s as much about using the best equipment as it is partnering with suppliers who can deliver excellence across the board.

“Having good suppliers is key to running a successful business and being able to deliver for our customers. Attach2 is a pivotal part of that, and they haven’t missed a beat. There was a small occasion when I needed some shims, and the guys at Attach2 were brilliant. It was shims straight in the airbag, down from Sydney in the middle of Covid.”

The robustness and reliability of Attach2 products are what have impressed Tristan the most.

Landforming Australia-23

“We all know equipment wears, and older tilt hitches have a real issue with creep and not staying rigid as you're working. The Ram-Tilt is not like that. Our older Attach2 Ram-Tilts are not showing those signs of wear. I think the Ram-Tilts are a great hitch because they’re so robust and so simple. The construction of them is strong. Our smaller 15-tonne excavator has a Ram-Tilt on it with over 2000 hours and we haven't had to do anything to it, it does exactly what it needs to.”

“With great suppliers, you can do great things, so I absolutely would recommend Attach2. Their purchase price was very competitive to start with, and then way beyond that, their service and reliability. Having the Ram-Tilt has just meant we can get a lot more flexibility out of one size of excavator. I can't complain at all.”

Keen to know more? Watch the video via the QR code to see how Landforming Australia is achieving great results by getting the Attach2 Ram-Tilt to function alongside GPS with Auto-Tilt.

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