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Arrow-white Press Release - Attach2’s Enhanced 3-Year Warranty!

Posted by Jacob Hart

Jun 04, 2024

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Attach2’s Enhanced 3-Year Warranty! 


Designed to Make it Easy and Ensure our customers keep working faster. 

Attach2, Australasia’s #1 Excavator Attachments Company is pleased to announce the launch of it’s Enhanced 3-year limited warranty, effective from June 3, 2024. This comprehensive update extends coverage to more components of our products, specifically hydraulic parts, now offering a full 3 years or 3,000 hours coverage – whichever comes first. The other key part of the update is to set out clear expectations and make it easier for customers to understand what is and isn't included and to make any warranty claims.  

The enhanced warranty comes as part of Attach2’s ongoing commitment to product reliability and customer satisfaction. “Our upgraded warranty policy is not just an update – it's a testament to the confidence we have in our products and our dedication to our customers,” said Isaac Hart, COO. “We understand the importance of reliability in the construction industry, and we’re pleased to offer our customers peace of mind knowing they are fully supported for three full years.”  

Key updates of the new warranty include:  

  • Extended Coverage: The warranty period for hydraulic parts has been tripled from 1 year to 3 years, aligning with the main warranty term 
  • Enhanced Clarity: Clear definitions and explanations of what is and what isn’t covered, ensuring transparency and trust with our customers.  
  • Simplified Process: Streamlined warranty process to make claims quicker and less cumbersome for our customers.  

Attach2 strongly encourages customers to register their warranty upon purchase of new attachments to speed up service and support in the future. “Registering your warranty helps us help you more efficiently,” explains Eamon Munro, Customer Experience Manager. “Our customer services team will have the required information readily available, enabling us to process after-sales support requests and warranty claims much quicker.”  

All products dispatched from Attach2 from the 3rd of June 2024 will be covered by this new warranty policy unless otherwise notified. As part of this new warranty policy, we also require all warranty claims to be submitted through our new warranty claims form on our website – this can be found at

Above all our new warranty policy is designed to help get you working Faster! 

For more information about the new 3 year warranty please visit our website or contact us on the following numbers, NZ: 0800 100 683 | AU: 1800 095 689 


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