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Arrow-white How Attachments reduce Project cost blow out

Posted by Logan Hamlin

Sep 25, 2020

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There's a lot that's already been covered regarding Project Management. Still, one of my favourite timeless principles is: "The key to successful project management is knowing your costs before you start."

As you have likely experienced first-hand, the most troublesome and costly headaches that occur whilst executing a project are surprises that are unaccounted for and delays.

Where we, as an attachment supplier, play a part in helping our customers with successful project management, is by helping both the equipment dealer and contractors know their costs. Not just knowing the prices of products and equipment, but the potential hidden costs that can occur. These 'hidden costs' could be things unaccounted for like additional machine valving, custom hosing and factory attachment compatibility as an idea.

CAT310 fitting a2lock twin ram tilt coupler

Easy to fit couplers, buckets, grabs and attachments make equipment dealers lives easier, thus speeding up delivery of new equipment to customers.

Starting with the equipment dealer, being sure of their delivery date and installation/fit-up cost of new machinery (without surprises or delays) is critical. By supplying them with accurate lead times, specific attachment pricing, plumbing instructions, hydraulic and pin specifications equipment dealers can be sure of costs and a timely excavator delivery, helping the contractor's project start on time.

We understand that if an attachment kit is not on time, this can have some significant impacts down the chain. For example:

The equipment dealer will not be able to deliver the machine on time. Causing the invoice to move to the next month, and impacting their key deliverable targets.
Adding extra pressure to workshops to complete fit off in time for the customer's expected delivery, causing unneeded stress and friction between sales and the workshop.
The Customer/Project Manager receives their excavator late putting them behind schedule, adding undesirable delays and potential costs.


We regard each new machine package as a project, with many moving parts and participants coming together to meet the delivery deadline. We know we have an essential role to play in whether it comes in on time and in the budget, directly affecting the bottom line of both the equipment dealer and contractor.

We ensure attachments arrive on time by following our distinctive order to delivery process. Our fulfilment process has taken years to perfect - which we continue to improve, to meet customer and project demands. It starts with our customer services team, when they receive an order, they schedule it into the factory production plan for our operations team to pick and prepare the product for dispatch.

We stock virtually every product line ready for dispatch, the secret sauce of our fast fulfilment, removing a substantial wait for attachment delivery as we manufacture ahead of time instead of on-demand.

After picking the near-completed attachment from stock, the production team will finalise it by making any specific adjustments as requested at order.
Finally, the product will go through Quality Checking, add paint and decals, and package for shipping. The entire process takes 3-5 working days*, mainly dependent on the extent of requested customisations. Our delivery partner then picks up the kit; transit time is only 1-2 working days to main centres in New Zealand.

A2 Attachments drive reliable project management

Reliable attachments help projects run smoothly, downtime is a critical and unwanted project headache.

Lastly and perhaps most critical for the contractor is that they can trust the quality and reliability of our attachments. Helping them deliver and execute their projects on time and in the budget, and in turn, help to predict the total cost of ownership, not having to build in significant contingencies in case there is downtime due to low-quality equipment. Contractors, therefore, know the cost of the project before they start, helping earthmoving companies mitigate unwelcome costs and downtime, and improve take-home profit.

Some timeless Project Management principles I have picked up over the years:

know your costs before you start.
A project well planned is 50% complete.
Have a framework to empower people to make decisions safely to avoid decision-making delays.


* 3-5 days is our goal to work towards having attachments ready, however due to market fluctuations and required adjustments we may not always meet our goal! Please contact us directly with your requirements so we can supply an accurate delivery timetable.

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Logan joined the Attach2 team after moving from Gisborne to the Wairarapa in 2014. Earlier in his career, he completed an apprenticeship in fruit production and building. After joining Attach2 as a Customer Services Representative, he transitioned into the role he enjoys today as a Sales Team Leader. Logan is thoroughly passionate about helping our clients grow and assisting them in making the right decisions.

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