The Attach2 Newsroom

Nov 17

Customer Profile: Danny's Excavation Services

Posted by Simon Johnston |
| 2 mins read

The Bobcat King of Brisbane; Ray Durisic reigned supreme in Brisbane and its surrounds for decades. And like any King, an heir to the throne was his son Danny. At the age of just 14, Danny was pulling..

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Oct 28

The Load Out: Spring 2020

Posted by Jacob Hart |
| 1 mins read

Scratching around for something industry related to read? We're glad to be releasing our quarterly magazine The Load Out online for you to read.

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Oct 01

A New Generation of Quick Couplers

Posted by Simon Johnston |
| 4 mins read

On the 1st of September 2020, Attach2 announced its New Generation Coupler Range in New Zealand, fulfilling its ambition to bring a singular coupler platform to the market.

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Sep 25

How Attachments reduce Project cost blow out

Posted by Logan Hamlin |
| 3 mins read

There's a lot that's already been covered regarding Project Management. Still, one of my favourite timeless principles is: "The key to successful project management is knowing your costs before you start."

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