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Arrow-white Customer Profile: Brennan Civil

Posted by Nick Roche

Nov 21, 2023

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From residential driveways and school playgrounds to weighbridges and entire subdivisions, no job is too big or small for Brennan Civil Infrastructure. Attach2 caught up with Mitch Brennan, director and founder of the company, as they were standing on a large housing development in Bowral, NSW working on the topsoiling and landscaping.  


“It's a pretty exciting project. It's a great spot to work.” 

Mitch talks about the history of his company, moving from bulk earthworks alone after 2003 to more civil technical projects – for which they now have a great local reputation. He first came across Attach2 products in Sydney at the Dirt Diesel & Turf Expo, and tells us about his relationship with the company. He explains how the quality, build and design of the attachments the company use help to ensure a high level of accuracy and consistency day to day and site to site. 


Branching out

“Brennan civil started around about 2003 where predominantly we did bulk earth moving and detailed excavations. We then grew and moved into civil construction where we complete basically anything from subdivisions to weigh bridges - and any of those sorts of more technical side of jobs.” 

The company is based in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, but with their leading success and reputation in the industry, they have been able to go beyond the Southern Highlands and complete projects as far as Tumut, Jindabyne, Canberra, Kiama, Forbes, Bondi, Blue Mountains and Newcastle. 

The many years of experience they have, as well as the range of work the company do, including services such as a full project management plan, means Brennan Civil Infrastructure are always busy. 

I think the technicality of the projects that we take on, and with the customers that we've got, the repeat business is continually there for us.” 


A match made in Sydney

Describing his introduction to Attach2, Mitch tells us how it all began. 

“We went to the Diesel, Dirt & Turf Expo up in Sydney and I had never really seen them [Attach2 Attachments] before. Conveniently, we were purchasing the 20 tonner behind me and then we met the A2 sales team. Andy, Lachlan, and Darren were really good to deal with. Taking us through the range of the products that they had, we could see the rest of the field and what we were looking at in comparison.” 

“We went through a lot of comparative companies and could see what was around and what was going to best suit us. Attach2 really filled our needs, and we were really happy with what we saw and the quality of it.” 


After seeing the attachments in the flesh, Mitch ended up purchasing a Heli-Tilt along with a mud bucket GP and a ripper. When he exclaims “they are fantastic, we love them!” We asked him to explain what it was about the attachments that caught his eye. 

“Fundamentally and straight away, I saw the quality of how they were constructed, the welds, and the thickness of the steel, and how strong it looked. The way that the hitch was designed instantly grasped my attention. The shape [of the buckets] and how they are crafted as well, the style of teeth and cutting edges, everything just ticked all my boxes, so that's why we went with them. The quality of A2 attachments allows us to perform quality work.” 

So how did the A2 attachments measure up against others in the market?

“We have used other suppliers before, especially in tilt buckets and things like that. I like how simple the A2 Attachments are hydraulically. They don't have any sort of ailments compared to some of the other ones on the market. Hands down A2 is an easy choice for us”. 


More tilt = more detail.

A particular fan of the A2 Heli-Tilt Coupler, Mitch describes how it benefits his operators in the work that they do, resulting in better overall productivity. 

“A2's tilt hitch is phenomenal. It gives the ability for our operators to operate in detail and quickly, not having to move the machine as much. Not having to move around to get angles is just phenomenal. It speeds things up. It's more productive, it's great. It gives us the ability to move quickly and get on to the next job”.  

We asked Mitch about his experiences with the A2 After Sales Service Team after he had a bit of a toothache with his GP Bucket. 

“We had a broken tooth with the GP bucket and the service team was just a phone call away. They replaced it straight away for us, it was seamless. They wanted to let us know that if anything like that happened again to give them a call and they were great.” 


Second to none

Not buying on a whim, Mitch did his research before purchasing his attachments, and is reaping the rewards. 

“We've studied the field. It's just really nice to actually purchase one and have one in our fleet and we won't look back. We wouldn't look anywhere else.” 

“A2 Attachments for Brennan Civil is a game changer for us. In every way, the design, strength, and capabilities that the attachments have got, the reliability and strength of them, it's second to none.” 

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