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What Makes Attach2, Well Attach2.

We take pride in what we make and we have a share of pride in what our loyal customers go on to make with the attachments we produce. Our key motto is "Making It Easy" because in how you deal with us, get support from us, and use Attach2 Equipment, we're all about Making It Easy. See how we Make It Easy in four key areas.


ATTACH2 EQUIPMENT - NZ's Fastest Excavator Attachment Partner

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SQUARE FEET of total manufacturing space in New Zealand and Australia


YEARS of Attach2. First established in 2009.


DAYS average delivery time.


MINUTES average response time to calls.


1 to 36 tonne excavator attachments on clearance.
Massive discounts on previous A2 design excavator buckets, grabs, couplers and attachments.

Tier one suppliers to these excavator brands

We are a specialist manufacturer of standard excavator attachments.

Our Journey

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Latest News

Geometry is one of the often-overlooked topics when it comes to choosing Excavator buckets. Unfortunately for those who overlook this,...

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The Heli-Tilt is made up of 2 main components, the Sure-Grip coupler base, and a Helical Actuator. The Sure-Grip is an automatic quick...

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The New Zealand Government has recently announced that there will be a $1.3 Billion investment into infrastructure based around rail...

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What our customers say

The Tilt Hitch has improved how we work, before we were getting out and changing the tilt bucket hoses all the time, and it held everyone up.

Greg McDonnellGreg McDonnell Contracting

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The Mark 3 buckets have more power and we’ve found the material comes out really easily. When you’re sitting there loading 100 truckloads a day, the faster it happens the better.

Steve GalbraithGalbraith EarthMovers

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We've got an EC220 with an Attach2 Tilt Hitch done two thousand hours, never had anything go wrong so why would we go anywhere else?!”

Bryce O'SullivanBryce O'Sullivan Contracting Ltd

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Equipment like this just makes it easier and safe for everyone on the job whether it is purlins, steel portals, or concrete itself. The versatility of the combination is quite extraordinary.

Tane MasonJohnstone Construction

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2020-2021 Attach2 Product Handbook

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Our Comprehensive Excavator Attachment Handbook, with Pricing, Specifications and Configuration Details on our Full Range of Quick Couplers, Buckets, Grabs and Attachments.

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