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Posted by Jacob Hart

Apr 15, 2024

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We recognize the challenges our customers encounter daily. Today, our spotlight is on a crucial pain point affecting excavator dealers across Australia and New Zealand - the bottleneck in attachment supply and its impact on machine delivery. 


The Challenge: 

Many dealers grapple with delays/slow attachment order deliveries. These delays have far-reaching consequences: 

  1. Machine Delivery Bottlenecks: Slow attachment supply directly impacts machine delivery timelines. When attachments are delayed, excavators cannot be fully set up/PD’d and dispatched promptly to customers.


  1. Cash Flow Implications: Delayed machine delivery means postponed payment collection. Creating the challenge of balancing cash flow while ensuring timely customer satisfaction.


  1. Project Delays/Poor Customer Satisfaction: Excavator operators rely on timely equipment delivery to keep projects on track. Delays in attachment supply disrupt project schedules, affecting overall customer satisfaction.


The Solution: 

At Attach2, we’ve engineered solutions that address these pain points head-on: 

  1. Swift Dispatch Times: Our average dispatch time for all attachments is less than 3 days. When you partner with Attach2, you gain a reliable source for prompt deliveries. Whether it’s Couplers or Attachments, we ensure swift supply to keep your projects moving.


  1. Strategically located Warehouses: Our warehouses are strategically positioned across Australia, including Melbourne and Brisbane. This geographical advantage shortens delivery times from our warehouse to your branch.


  1. Large Stock Holdings: Attach2 maintains substantial stock holdings nationwide. This extensive inventory enables swift dispatch times.


The Result: 

By partnering with Attach2, Dealers can overcome attachment supply challenges and achieve the following results: 

  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Timely equipment delivery leads to happier clients who can complete their projects on schedule.


  1. Enhanced Cash Flow: Faster machine delivery means quicker payment collection, benefiting financial health and cash flow (Cash conversion cycle).


  1. Efficient Project Execution: Attach2’s solutions minimize project delays, allowing excavator operators and dealer workshops to work seamlessly.


To all our valued excavator dealers, let’s revolutionize the way we serve our clients. Together, we’ll build a stronger, more efficient construction ecosystem—one machine delivery at a time. 

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