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Jacob leads a team of professional marketers who creatively execute Attach2's marketing strategy.

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Nov 22

Customer Profile: Quantum Landscaping

Posted by Jacob Hart |
| 12 mins read

You never know what you will get with the weather down in Southland, and that can come with its challenges. Rain, hail or snow, Matt Pope is out with his crew, runningthe landscaping on subdivisions and other ..

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Aug 24

Attach2 Announces Acquisition of Robur

Posted by Jacob Hart |
| 4 mins read

Attach2 Ltd are excited to announce the successful acquisition of Robur Attachments. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in Attach2’s commitment to providing a comprehensive service offering to..

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Jan 26

Maintaining your Heli-Tilt couldn’t be simpler

Posted by Jacob Hart |
| 2 mins read

Congratulations if you’ve already purchased an Attach2 Heli-Tilt! You’ve joined thousands of other excavator operators that share a love for this Coupler. The versatility of this hitch, as well as its rugged..

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Dec 08

Customer Profile: Sinton Contracting Ltd

Posted by Jacob Hart |
| 3 mins read

Sinton Contracting Ltd runs a busy operation that sees it carrying out work throughout the country. The team has always insisted on using quality equipment. One such tool in their kit is the A2 Heli-Tilt,..

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