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Arrow-white Customer Profile: PJ Grace Contractors & Sons

Posted by Jacob Hart

Apr 26, 2024

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Paul Grace, the main man at PJ Grace and Sons, a well-known landscaping and maintenance company, recently explained how Attach2 gear has completely changed the way they work. Focusing on landscaping, grounds maintenance, and digger work, PJ Grace and Sons set out to make their job easier with Attach2's smart solutions.


Their most recent task was dealing with a big patch of gorse, which usually took a lot of time and hard work. But thanks to Attach2's Mini-Tilt and Grab Bucket, they saw a massive improvement in efficiency, saving an impressive two days' worth of work. Paul credits Attach2's equipment for this incredible outcome, praising its exceptional efficiency and effectiveness.


"Efficiency and effectiveness are paramount in our line of work, and Attach2's Mini-Tilt and Grab Bucket have been instrumental in achieving that."



The collaboration with Attach2 began with the seamless installation of the Mini-Tilt and Grab Bucket onto PJ Grace and Sons' machinery. Attach2 went the extra mile by providing an additional line, enabling simultaneous operation of the Grab Bucket and Mini-Tilt—a feature that significantly enhanced operational flexibility and productivity.


Paul highlighted the intuitive functionality of Attach2's equipment, mainly the ease of control from the cab. With the Mini-Tilt and Grab Bucket seamlessly integrated into their workflow, tasks such as maneuvering through tight spaces and handling bulky debris became effortless, thanks to Attach2's user-friendly design.



What sets Attach2 apart, according to Paul, is its unparalleled versatility. Unlike traditional tilt buckets, which are limited to specific attachments, the Mini-Tilt offers universal compatibility, allowing it to be fitted onto any bucket. This adaptability proved invaluable for PJ Grace Contractors & Sons, eliminating the need for multiple specialized attachments and simplifying their equipment inventory.


"With Attach2, we don't have to worry about compatibility issues. It's a universal tool that seamlessly integrates with all our attachments."



Moreover, Attach2's commitment to quality and durability shone through in the face of challenging conditions. Paul expressed his satisfaction with the robust build quality of Attach2's equipment, emphasizing its ability to withstand rigorous use in demanding environments—a testament to Attach2's reliability and longevity.


"Quality matters, especially in our line of work. Attach2's equipment has proven its durability and reliability, even in the most demanding conditions"


Looking ahead, Paul is optimistic about the continued impact of Attach2's products on their operations. He envisions Attach2's equipment becoming an indispensable part of their toolkit, contributing to their projects' enhanced efficiency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.


In conclusion, PJ Grace Contractors & Sons' partnership with Attach2 exemplifies the transformative power of innovative equipment in the landscaping industry. With Attach2's solutions at their disposal, Paul Grace and his team are poised to achieve new heights of success, reinforcing their reputation as leaders in the field of landscaping and maintenance.

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