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May 26

How does the Sure-Grip work?

Posted by Jacob Hart |
| 5 mins read

Quick coupling systems and it's safe operation are one of the most important safety systems on excavators today. With earthworks operations undertaken in close proximity with tradies, specialists and..

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Mar 26

What you need to know about fitting your new coupler and attachments

Posted by Simon Johnston |
| 35 mins read

In this Explainer Series article, we'll be answering some common questions that come up about fitting couplers and attachments

So you've got yourself a new excavator, or perhaps you're upgrading..

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Aug 25

What is Breakout force?

Posted by Jacob Hart |
| 4 mins read

Breakout force is an essential ingredient in excavators; it's the measurement of just how much power can be exerted at the tip of the attached bucket or implement from curling towards the cab. A higher..

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May 18

How to easily attach and detach QRC hydraulic hoses

Posted by Jacob Hart |
| 1 mins read

One of the most common frustrations in using excavator attachments is attaching and detaching hydraulic QRC's (Quick Release Coupler) to auxiliaries to power the attachment. As a manufacturer of excavator..

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