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May 18

How to easily attach and detach QRC hydraulic hoses

Posted by Jacob Hart |
| 1 mins read

One of the most common frustrations in using excavator attachments is attaching and detaching hydraulic QRC's (Quick Release Coupler) to auxiliaries to power the attachment. As a manufacturer of excavator..

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Feb 27

5 Reasons why you need a Bolt On Cutting Edge for your excavator buckets

Posted by Jacob Hart |
| 4 mins read

Having worked with thousands of excavator operators and owners around New Zealand every year, operating in a vast range of applications and material types, day after day we get to see the effects abrasive..

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Oct 31

Attach2 Australia Update

Posted by Simon Johnston |
| 0 mins read

G'day! Welcome to Attach2 Australia, based in Brisbane. A new addition to Attach2's manufacturing ability. The only Australian attachment company with manufacturing hubs in both countries.

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Jan 15

What is a Double Locking Quick Coupler?

Posted by Simon Johnston |
| 2 mins read

Double Locking, Dual Locking and Multi Locking. Locking quick hitches can share various names but with the same general meaning.

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