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Arrow-white Customer Profile: CP Constructions

Posted by Jacob Hart

Apr 15, 2024

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Meet Mark, the director of CP Constructions, a company that specialises in residential and multi-residential construction, as well as civil and land development.

While he was overseeing the Niles Court, a project that Mark and his team helped transform into a family-friendly destination, Attach2 had the chance to learn more about his journey, right from the inception of CP Constructions to where the company stands today.


From Reclaiming Funds to Building Dreams

In 2017, a bank seeking to recover funds for a development project collaborated with Mark and his team. This joint effort not only recovered the funds but also paved the way for the birth of CP Constructions in 2019.

Steeped in a heritage of construction, with his father being a builder, Mark's roots in the industry run deep, igniting his passion for the art of building dream homes and shaping communities.

"I just like building houses, that's what I like doing. I like to be able to walk away at the end of the day and say that we've made something, we've done something."


A Trailblazer in the Industry

While his specialised trade in steel fabrication laid the foundation of his expertise, it was his unwavering commitment to innovation that led him towards building houses and embarking on civil and land development work.

What sets CP Constructions apart is its steadfast commitment to solely building and developing its own properties, breaking away from the norm in the residential construction industry.

This unique approach, coupled with Mark's background in steel framing and engineering, has positioned CP Constructions as a trailblazer in the industry.

Self-Funded Success

As CP Constructions grew, Mark found himself facing a whole new set of challenges. One of the most daunting was securing funding for the various projects the company undertook. With so many opportunities for growth and expansion, it was critical that Mark find a way to finance each new endeavour, while still maintaining the company's financial stability.

“People don't understand how hard it is to make these things work. You've got to keep people employed and you've still got to be profitable.”

One of the key strategies that has enabled his company to thrive is its ability to self-fund projects. This has proven to be a major advantage, allowing the company to chart its own path and avoid the uncertainties that often plague other construction companies.


Partnering for Progress: The Attach2 Connection

CP Constructions, like many companies in the construction industry, faces numerous challenges and complexities on a daily basis. However, Mark understands the importance of reliable partners to support the company’s operational needs.

In his search of dependable partners, Mark was introduced to Attach2 through his brother-in-law at Sumitomo (Tutt Bryant Equipment).

During the period of COVID-19, when lead times for construction equipment were extended, Attach2 emerged as a reliable and efficient solution partner for CP Constructions.

Mark was able to get an Attach2 excavator package with a full powerhead and set of buckets within a reasonable time.


Efficiency at its Finest

One of the key benefits that Mark enjoys in using the Attach2 buckets is their multi-bucket carrying capacity, which allows for the simultaneous transportation of multiple buckets to excavation sites. This feature not only saves time but also enhances efficiency for his team.

“How cool is that? The way that it carries all its buckets together so instead of going there picking up one bucket and moving back this system allows us to save valuable time and money.

No more back-and-forth trips, just seamless productivity. Our team can focus on the important tasks instead of wasting time tracking and waiting.”


It offers an additional layer of security to unattended sites that may not have complete fencing or cameras. By allowing the machine and all buckets to be locked down together overnight, it helps prevent unauthorized access and theft, providing him peace of mind.

The Heli-Tilt coupler was also recommended to Mark for its exceptional strength and longevity, which are crucial factors when it comes to heavy-duty work.

When minor issues like broken teeth did occur, he found Attach2's customer service to be very helpful, shipping replacement parts quickly within 30 minutes of ordering.

He noted that the representative was friendly, and the parts were packaged thoroughly for transport.


The Key to Business Success in Construction

Mark’s final thoughts during Attach2’s interview transcend conventional business advice, highlighting the importance of prioritising employee well-being and nurturing a resilient organisational culture.

“One of the biggest challenges in running a construction business is maintaining the satisfaction and well-being of your staff. By prioritising their comfort and

making their job just 1% easier, you can greatly impact their overall happiness and productivity.

Even a small 1% improvement can make a significant impact. As business owners, we are well aware that these small improvements can truly make a difference.”

His parting words, "Keep digging!" encapsulate not just a call to action for the industry but also a whole mindset of never giving up, always finding new ways to do things, and staying focused on the end goal. This attitude has been a big part of their success in CP Constructions, and it will continue to shape the company's future.


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