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Tristan Tolley

Tristan became an Attach2 team member in mid-2021, when he was picked up for content creation, photography, and filmmaking. Being behind a camera and visual story telling are his passions, so you can often catch him carrying around the rig of doom, hunting down team members and customers for interviews, or out in the field recording the world around him.

Recent Posts

Feb 03

Customer Profile: Mills Albert

Posted by Tristan Tolley |
| 9 mins read

Mills Albert began at the turn of the century in 2000 with a small core team. Dave Mills, Lisa Mills Albert, and a brother Phillip Albert have now been operating their business for over 20 years. They service..

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Feb 09

Customer Profile: GemLife

Posted by Tristan Tolley |
| 11 mins read

At Pace 

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Jan 19

Customer Profile: Wairarapa Shelter Trimming

Posted by Tristan Tolley |
| 4 mins read

Giving it a Crack”

Just “giving it a crack” was the beginning of a 35-year business endeavour which all started with Dave Ryan’s father purchasing some equipment and deciding to give contracting a go. 10..

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Nov 02

Customer Profile: Sierra Delta

Posted by Tristan Tolley |
| 3 mins read

Sierra Delta Civil was born when the next generation stepped in and picked up where the last generation left off.

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