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Arrow-white Customer Profile: Marshall Contracting

Posted by Nick Roche

Aug 31, 2023

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An eye for detail, a lifelong love of heavy machinery and the right tools for the job have enabled Jared Marshall, director of Marshall Contracting, to establish a company with it’s own niche – detailed excavation finishings that they have become well known for.

We caught up with Jared onsite on Tench Reserve, Jamisontown, NSW to hear about his journey into starting his own construction company and how he uses A2 attachments to get the job done.

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Being around an uncle that had his own heavy machinery ignited Jared’s passion for excavators from a young age. “I used to jump on his machines whenever I could. I always looked up to him, he passed down his knowledge and skills to me. Working with machines is always something that I've wanted to do.”

Giving it a Crack

Jared went straight into operating once he left school, then went to work in the mines, becoming one of the youngest supervisors in Central Queensland for one of the big mining companies. He then went on to subcontract as an excavator operator for other businesses, before deciding to give it a crack himself. Bringing with him his safety and productivity mentality from the mines, he went on to start his own excavation company, Marshall Contracting.


Established around 5 years ago, and with three staff and machines, the company covers all aspects of earthmoving and civil works, with their niche in the smaller scale and finishing work. As Jared describes, “All that nice, pretty stuff you like to look at the end of the day. There's not many people out there these days that have the passion and drive to complete a product for their customer.”

Talking to us from the Tench Reserve urban construction site, he describes the equipment that he uses to get those detailed finishings. “Today, we're doing a lot of retaining walls, foot paths, footings, detailed slabs, batter work and mulch. Currently, I've got the whole Performance Package on my 306. I have paired the Heli-Tilt Coupler with the A2 Buckets. Ever since I've acquired these products, I have never looked back.”

More Range, More Productivity

After seeing A2 attachments on other machines when subcontracting, Jared did some internet digging, and, being a detail guy, was impressed by the details. Running a business that specialises in finishing work, Marshall Contracting needed equipment that would allow for durability, speed, and greater flexibility. Jared explains how using the Heli-Tilt coupler helps to get the job done quicker, allowing for greater productivity.


"It makes you much more flexible on the job compared to other brands of Couplers. I know with some of the other ones, you can lose a lot of breakout force, but I've noticed very minimal compared to other brands with this type of Coupler, It’s nice and slim, you just find yourself digging quicker. I found it to be much more productive and efficient, especially for my business, which is something that I always try to achieve.”

The Performance Package allows Jared to complete jobs faster and to create a better finish when working on these finer elements. The package also means he can get in and out of tricky spaces that other operators can’t reach.

He describes the benefits of the Heli-Tilt Coupler; “I found that there's less drag and the tapered edges on the Bucket get you in and out of the ground quicker. In terms of the range of motion with the Tilt Coupler, a lot of others will only go to a certain degree - it locks you out and you've got to maneuver around to get yourself into that spot again. The range of motion that the A2 Coupler provides is much greater.”


Always There to Help, Every Step of The Way

It is not only the equipment that has impressed Jared about working with Attach2, his experiences with the after sales team have left him a loyal customer.

“I'd say one of the main things that sets the A2 sales team apart from other brands is their service and backup. My experience with the team has been beyond better than any other company I've used. Ever since using the A2 Performance Package, I won't be going anywhere else.”

After calling the Attach2 After Sales Team for a small warranty repair, they dropped everything and headed to the site the same day, allowing Jared to get back to operating faster. “My experience with the warranty and service team at Attach2 has been better than other brands that I've used previously. They're always contactable and very approachable, they're willing to go above and beyond to help you.”

“I'll recommend A2 to basically everyone I know in the business. Every other Coupler these days doesn't compare. If you're not using A2, then you're not working properly.”

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