Productivity through versatility and efficiency. Our range of couplers add efficiency by making attachment changes both fast and safe. They add versatility by allowing multi-pin centre pick-up and massive tilt ranges on our tilting couplers.

Mini-Tilt Coupler


The Mini-Tilt is a simple and efficient tilt coupler for mini excavators. Tilt all attachments, in a compact package.

  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
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Sure-Grip Quick Coupler Black

Sure-Grip Coupler

Intuitive and fast, the Sure-Grip Coupler speeds up attachment changes with no compromises made on safety and durability.

  • iso
  • Squat for coupler
  • Multi-pin centre pick up
  • No Maintenance
Heli-Tilt Coupler black 2021

Heli-TIlt Coupler

Bettering a tried and tested design with Attach2's technological advancements. Tilt any attachment on mini to large diggers.

  • 180degrees
  • iso
  • Squat for coupler
  • Multi-pin centre pick up
Ram-Tilt Coupler product black

Ram-Tilt Coupler

Bulletproof in design and action. The Ram-Tilt Coupler allows powerful total tilt of 90° on even the biggest of diggers.

  • 90 degrees
  • iso
  • Squat for coupler
  • unique ram

Why Choose Attach2 Couplers.

When it comes to couplers we think they should be easy to operate, maintain and buy. It's all tied in with our company motto "Making It Easy". We invest heavily in operator-led improvements to our products and services. When you buy Attach2's Sure-Grip and Heli-Tilt, you don't just buy the best coupler on the market, your purchase peace of mind and maximum productivity for your excavator.

Attach2's Sure-Grip and Heli-Tilt Couplers are an improvement over a tried and tested design. Now built with higher-grade steel components, improved safety features and redundancies.



3 Year Warranty

We stand behind all our products with a 3 Year or 3,000-hour warranty against defects.


High Performance

When it comes to Couplers, there's no one better than A2 for productivity.



We build our couplers from high-tensile steel for maximum strength under load.