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Arrow-white How the Double Radius Wrap affects digging performance.


Nov 09, 2021

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There have been quite a few developments in the industry of attachment manufacturing that seek to aid operators in becoming more efficient while reducing the cost of operation. One of these developments occurred in bucket geometry and is called a double radius wrap. 

A double radius wrap ensures that the cutting edge and sides are the only part of the bucket which makes contact with the material when scooping it up. The below diagram illustrates two different buckets and the path that the cutting edge of the bucket follows when cycling.


The bucket with a red line indicates a bucket shape that drags the back part of the bucket floor through the dirt when cycling. This creates friction and drag between the bucket and dirt which can slow down cycling times, and increase the amount of work needed to achieve one bucket scoop. Whereas the bucket with a yellow line shows a bucket that will run through its scoop cycle without the back of the bucket dragging and causing friction.

When a bucket is shaped to reduce drag and friction, it gives operators a much smoother feel when digging and can speed up work thus increasing efficiency. Anything done to improve efficiency will have a positive effect on ROI. This only goes insofar as to describe the actual performance of the bucket when in use. 

Something else to consider is wear. When the friction and drag forces are removed, areas of the bucket which do not come in as much contact with the dirt last a lot longer, and won’t need replacing as often. 

Equipment is an investment, when investing, it pays to look for the option with the best return on investment. With the Mk3 wide bucket, efficiency is improved and the wear life is increased. What’s not to like?

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