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Posted by Jacob Hart

Oct 27, 2022

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If you’re an Attach2 customer, we’ve got some lovely news for you. As well as supplying you with precision-engineered attachments that help you get the job done well and in good time, we’d like you to know that we have your back with after-sales care, product support and any other query that we can answer.

In the past if you had a question about an invoice, aftersales support, one of our products or something that relates to how we work together, you’d probably have tried to contact our sales team. But whilst they’re a familiar face and voice, our sales specialists are often out on the road visiting our customers or busy talking to someone else. So even though they are committed to helping, they actually aren’t always the best person to contact.

Meet the Attach2 ‘Remarkables’

Because making things easy for you is very close to our heart, we’ve built a new team to look after you. They’re remarkable because they genuinely care about the quality of service you enjoy from us. And also because, well, they’re pretty remarkable in their own ways too!

Technically they are called our Account Support Representatives or ASRs. But once you get to know them, you might just want to call them the remarkables.

Here’s how they’ll look after you: as soon as you make contact by phone, email or through the website, your message is quickly picked up by one of the ASR team and assigned a ticket to make sure it gets attention fast and that every interaction is tracked. Their number one goal is to address your query as soon as is possible, and ensure it’s resolved ideally within minutes. In the event of your query needing more specialist input, it will be directed to one of our Subject Matter Experts and may even involve our technical team.

Either way, you’ll be looked after all the way.

Now it’s time to meet the Attach2 remarkables. We asked each of them to introduce themselves in their own words:


Debbie Van Echtelt (Team Leader)

Nickname: El Chapo – because I rule with an iron fist.

I’m best at problem-solving. My workmates say I control the hen house and never take any time off. When I do get some time away, I make my own greeting cards – which is why the team think I’m Attach2’s own Hallmark.

What you might not know about me is that I used to know all the grease locations on a Cab over Kenworth prime mover.



Bianca Stringer

Nickname: B-Co because everyone needs a name ending in ‘O’ (It’s an Aussie thing).

I’m best at being persistent. I will hunt down the answers you need, taking names and notes as I go!

My pet hate is laziness. And when I’m not working, I’m doing things outdoors with my husband and two sons.

What you might not know about me is that I spent 15 years as a travel agent exploring the world including for four years living in UK and Ireland.



Emma Sullivan

Nickname: Em or Emmo, but not Emo.

I’m best at being willing to learn new stuff so I can help anyone.

In my spare time, I love both interior design and driving.

What you wouldn’t know about me is that I won my age-division in ten pin bowling and only just missed out on being in the Australian Youth Choir.



Jade Wah

Nickname: JWah or Jadeo. Short and sweet like my real name.

I’m best at being cool, calm and collected when stuff hits the fan.

My pet hate is people eating noisily. Outside work I play golf (even wanted to turn pro once). And cooking and baking give me some me-time away from my kids.

What you wouldn’t know about me is that once Kylie Minogue looked after me.



Jenna Roots

Nickname: Bossy Dot because my middle name is Dorothy and I do keep folk in line.

I’m best at understanding the technical side of things (apparently I have a mind that’s like a hard drive).

My pet hate is other people’s stuff cluttering up my desk. Outside work, I love event planning.

What you might not know about me is that I’m one of 7 children!



Kaitlyn Hawkins

Nickname: Kato because I’m a machine (and good at dad jokes).

I’m best at keeping things light and entertaining.

My pet hate is how Bossy Dot won’t let me leave my stuff on her desk.

What you wouldn’t know about me is that I go skydiving once a year!



Leeanne Pollard

Nickname: Lam-o (because Leeanneo just sounds wrong!).

I’m best at attention to detail, accuracy and SPARKLE.

My pet hate is following behind my dog with the poo bag. Outside work I create exquisite veils for beautiful brides.

What you might not know about me is that I’m the fourth member of my family to join Attach2.



Robyn Helmore

Nickname: Boy Wonder (because I’m often the sidekick and look good in a cape).

I’m best at being warm, kind and supportive. In fact I’ve been described as a big warm hug.

My pet hate is not being told the truth. In my spare time, I love reading and travelling. Even better if I can do both at the same time.

What you wouldn’t know about me is that I’ve climbed up Mt Kosciuszko.


Have something to ask our Remarkables?

Now that you’ve met our Account Support Reps, asking a question or getting that extra support is as easy as calling [number] or sending an email to [email address].

And to make sure you can reach us, the team is contactable from 7am NZ standard time right through to 3.30pm Australian Western standard time (that’s 5.30pm AEST).

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