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Arrow-white Attach2 Consolidates Robur Attachments into its Brand

Posted by Jacob Hart

Dec 12, 2023

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Attach2 has recently completed the acquisition of Robur Attachments, encompassing its assets, staff, and attachment sales operations. We want to ensure our customers understand why we're integrating Robur Attachments into the Attach2 brand after the acquisition. This move allows us to streamline operations and optimize our product line more efficiently. By doing so, we're avoiding duplicating costs that could otherwise impact you, our customers, by causing price increases. Our goal is to provide you with the best products and services without unnecessary additional expenses.  

Our “why” message we issued internally 

“As you will know it is expensive to run two brands and two product lines with rising inventory holding cost such as interest, and all this adds significant cost which in the longer term impacts the customer. Doing this full integration should help counter the continuous rising costs therefore we can bring best value to our customers. JB Attachments tried running their brand alongside BAS (a competitor they bought out in early 2010’s) which did not end up being a success, ending up in Liquidation – we do not want to follow in their steps!” 

Simultaneously, Attach2 has sold the Robur Hire brand back to its original owner, Clem Simpkin, for use in his Attachment Hire business. This collaboration ensures the continuity of the Robur brand in the marketplace while allowing Attach2 to concentrate on delivering the best value and service to customers for the long term. 

The consolidation process will be carried out over the next few months, during which Attach2 will work with Customers to make it as easy as possible. The integration of Robur's best product and features in the future will further enhance our products and services for our customers. 

"Our priority is providing the best service and value to our customers. By consolidating Robur Attachments into Attach2 and selling the Robur brand back to Clem Simpkin, we can streamline our operations and focus on delivering enhanced performance and durability to our customers. This integration allows us to bring together the best of Robur and Attach2 products, providing our customers with even greater options and innovation." 

Customers who purchased Robur products before September 15th, 2023, will continue to be covered by Robur's product warranties from Clem Simpkin. For Robur products purchased after this date, Attach2 will take responsibility for the product warranties. To ensure that your attachments are covered and backed up throughout their entire lifetime, it's important to source them from a reliable Attachments brand that you can trust to be there for you when you need them. 

How will this affect me as a customer?  
For our existing customers we see three key benefits for you as a result of this consolidation 

Custom products:

As a result of the acquisition, we have a lot of intellectual property and a vault of drawings which means: Attach2 is excited to announce our ability to offer custom products. This expansion will enable Attach2 to provide design and build services for excavator attachments, offering customers a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Expanded product offering: 

Attach2 will be integrating the best of the Robur product range and features into our product line up, giving you added benefits from within the Attach2 product range.

Expanded service and support:  

Attach2 is committed to maintaining a presence in Auckland and serving its customers in the region. The company plans to establish a more modern facility to support its long-term operations. 

For more information, please contact the Attach2 team at 0800 100 683 or visit 

Or for any enquiries regarding Robur product warranty Prior to September 15th 2023, Please contact Clem Simpkin at 09 407 5005 or email 

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