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Arrow-white Calibre Contracting Equipment Pty Ltd Exit the Excavator Attachments market – Attach2 Equipment take over designs!

Posted by Jacob Hart

Jun 06, 2019

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As of 4th of June Calibre Contracting Equipment Ltd (previously JB Attachments) in New Zealand and Australia have decided to cease serving the Excavator Attachments market.

Attach2 have been working with Calibre Contracting over the past few weeks and have purchased the IP (Intellectual Property) of the Sure-Grip, Heli-Tilt and Ram-Tilt Couplers. Attach2 have employed the core Calibre Equipment Team based in Brisbane and have also purchased the remaining stock and parts in for these couplers in NZ so we can begin to support Sure-Grip Coupler customers in the best possible way now and into the future.

“It is time for Calibre to cease serving the Excavator Attachments market here in New Zealand and Australia – We are pleased to be handing the IP of our flagship products over to Attach2 Equipment and look forward to seeing them support and continue to grow the market share of these great products throughout the world” – Calibre Contracting Equipment Ltd.

What does this mean for current owners of the Sure-Grip, Heli-Tilt and Ram-Tilt couplers?

We (Attach2) will continue to give ongoing parts and support to anyone requiring support with these products. As we go about setting up ongoing parts supply and support for these products, we do ask you to be patient with us. As you could appreciate there is a lot to happen in the background so we can begin to exceed expectations supporting these products with the same great Attach2 service you may know!

What do I do now if I want to buy a Sure-Grip, Heli-Tilt or Ram-Tilt Coupler?

You can now contact the Attach2 team to enquire on the availability of these couplers. While we are setting up the supply chain for these products we realise there will be some delays in availability as we transfer manufacturing and build up stock, however we also will have the A2Lock couplers available from NZ as an additional Quick-Hitch option that also meets Australian and ISO standards on safety.

How will you continue to support the Sure-Grip, Heli-Tilt and Ram-Tilt Couplers?

We have employed the core Calibre team in Brisbane, who are committed to helping us to fully supporting you going forward! We are in the process of setting up a base in Brisbane Australia to ensure we have stock and parts on the ground both in NZ and Australia

Will Attach2 honour my existing warranty with Calibre Equipment?

Attach2 is a separate entity to Calibre Equipment and did not sell these coupler, as such we do not own the warranty, Attach2 unfortunately cannot honour the warranty on any Sure-Grip, Heli-Tilt or Ram-Tilt couplers previously purchased from Calibre Equipment. However, our aim is to continue supporting the product line and get you up and running as soon as possible, give us a call and we will assist you to the best of our ability! – at the end of the day our goal is to ‘Make it Easy’.

What next for Calibre Contracting Equipment Ltd?

In Australia Calibre Contracting Equipment are now closed for business and in NZ they are ceasing operation in the Excavator Attachments market. - Calibre Contracting Equipment.

What next for Attach2 Equipment?

In New Zealand we will continue to sell and support our Attach2 range of Attachments and Couplers as per normal, as well adding the range of Sure-Grip, Heli-Tilt and Ram-Tilt range of Couplers to our range to produce, sell and support in Australia.
In Australia we are coming to support our clients like never before! Watch this space!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Calibre Contracting for the years of competition in the market and we look forward to helping Contractors and Excavator Dealers with the supply and support of our coupler range around the world!

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Contact the team on:
New Zealand: 0800 100 683
Australia: 1800 095 689


Media Contact:
Jacob Hart
Head of Marketing
+64 6 929 7592

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